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Tips on How to Repair your Kids Electric Car

Tips on How to Repair your Kids Electric Car


It's very exciting and enjoyable to see your kids roaming around in their new realistic electric toy car enjoying hours of fun and excitement. Kids love the toys that make them feel all grown up. Whatever age your kids are they will love the fact they have their own car to cruise around inside or outdoors. Kids Electric Cars can be expensive especially if they need repairs or to replace a car that is damaged. It is important that parents arm themselves with tricks and tips on how to repair an electric toy car.


There are many common issues that can stop an electric toy car from working. You will need to purchase a volt multi-meter however a less expensive one will do the trick.


Using your volt multi meter this will test the battery of the car. If your vehicle is a 6 volt battery, it must read 6+ volts and if your battery is a 12 volt it should read 12 volts plus. The terminals inside the connector's vehicle side and battery side must be checked. The battery must be unplugged from the vehicle to check motors and switches. The battery that is connected to the plug place into the plug a couple of tiny screws or nails. This is to give the charger something to plug into, nothing will be damaged during this process. Once you have checked for pos and neg signs place in your battery charger 6 or 12 volts depending on size. If the vehicle works once you plug in the charger then the battery in the car is the issue. These steps are also important for real car repairs.


Using your volt multi meter test your throttle switch. Disconnect your foot pedal switch and the connection on the switch can be jumped, you know the issue is the pedal switch if the motor starts turning. There are fast/slow and forward/reverse switches on your vehicle. If your vehicle is slow running/won't run or only goes reverse/forward, then your switches could be the issue. When the vehicle only moves high low or forward or reverse, check your wires that are connected to the switches. Undo the wires from the speed switch high low, turn the switch and re plug them back in again. If it is only working on high, and you turn the switch then it is only low running you then your switch is the issue. Charge your battery up fully and the vehicle won’t move then inspect the vehicle for 6+ or 12+ volts. If it reads just 12 or 6 the battery is bad, it must read over this for the vehicle to move.


Undo the casing and remove the plug connections. Take them apart and reuse the plugs, just identify the positive and negative cables. The battery charger could be replaced and the metal clips must make contact with the connector positive to positive and negative to negative. The charger must be tested that it is giving the correct voltage 12 or 6 volts and the vehicle should cut off when it is supposed to.


Once you have determined the switches and batteries to be working test the controller by pressing the switch of the pedal or turn the throttle. If you hear a click sound the motherboard or controller is likely to be bad. Disconnect the controller to test the motor and hook it up to your 6 -or -12-volt charger and it should turn.


The connector leads from the battery they must be cut off and the connected to the vehicle connector. Use the charger that came with the vehicle or purchase a universal charger instead and connect it up to the connectors metal clips and ensure it is positive to positive and negative to negative. Whether you use the same battery that was in the vehicle and prefer to use a different battery manufacturer, cut off the manufacturer's battery charger connector or reuse the battery-connector and replace with the metal clips to give the connection for the new battery.


There are many different ways of diagnosing, repairing and maintaining your kid's electric car . A kid's electric car is the ideal and perfect present for your kid. They have become increasingly popular among both boys and girls. There are a lot of great brands out there for a top-quality ride on toys that are perfect for your little one. Kids do love a derivable ride on toys; however, they can be expensive to buy, that is why it is important to teach them how to drive safely. It is important that you as a parent and your kids know how to maintain the car and the dos and don’ts. Make sure all car parts are in working order including the battery, body, and the wheels. Store the car in an appropriate place such as garage or your child's room. Safety should be your number one priority.

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